Wood fuel products

We offering a wide range of handy wood fuel products, so you could enjoy warmth and comfort of a fire. Our range of briquettes, pellets, logs and firewood kindling are environmentally friendly fuel products.

Our range:

  • Our fire wood of premium quality is great for any purpose and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. We offer a variety of log types to our customers, including birch, alder, coniferous and oak firewood.
  • Our pellets are effective and environmently friendly source of energy. Pellets with the diameter of 6 to 8 mm do not contain any chemical additives, are made from wood sawdust and chips. We supply high-quality pelletscertified according to DIN, EN-PLUS, FSC. Pellets can be used in automatic household heating applications as well as in automated industrial systems.
  • Our briquettes is a natural, renewable energy source with unique properties that after combustion produce less ash than firewood. Briquettes are made from wood sawdust, chips and do not contain any chemical or binding additives. We offer brick-shaped briquettes of pine, bark, birch, also RUF type. Briquettes are suitable for use in solid fuel boilers, common furnaces, fire places, tiled stoves and cast-iron stoves.
  • To help with lightingwe also offer our wood based kindling, which are ideal for your fireplace or enclosed stove. Firewood kindling is produced from spruce and pine by splitting and drying round softwood. Due to low moisture content, size and used wood species they are easy to light.