Lumber and board

We offer a wide range of Lumber and board as for interior, as for exterior use. On request we can supply fresh sawed, Impregnated or Kiln-dried lumber and board.

Our range of products:

  • Planed lumber– we offer a variety of planed square posts up to 63 m lng. Out technical facilities let us provide different types of planing - 3 mm radius planed, acute angle planed or planed in strict adherence to a customer’s drawings.
  • Planed lumber with profiles - our working experience lets us offer planed lumber squardifferent profiles, also we can offer production of profiles based on drawings.
  • Planed boards from Siberian Larch
  • Terrace boards - terrace boards are supplied in up to 6 m lengths with two surface finishing types – smooth and grooved; also we can offer different types of garden decking boards, sanded according to a customer’s request.

Mechanical operations:
Our lumber and boards are available with standard profiles. On request we can produce lumber and boards with different profiles in a strict accordance to customer's drawings.

Types of chemical treatment: 
The standard treatment - Tanalith impregnation (green, brown) or Creosote.